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Offering Uniquely Diverse Services by Joanne (Okimawininew) Dallaire LL.D

Through a dedication to serving the Indigenous community and advocating for change in terms of the broader societal relationships between Indigenous and non-aboriginal people, Joanne's work at Healing Works contributes to transforming the lives of individuals, the culture of agencies and the recognition of and respect for Indigenous people, their culture, concerns and contributions within mainstream society.

Joanne is a very passionate, humorous and engaging public speaker capable of offering each listener something to think about, something to be enlightened by and even ignited wi Ith passion and foremost, the knowledge that they can be more.  She does not shy away from difficult subject matter and is very relaxed with large audiences.  She speaks to the things she believes in; response-ability, ownership, integrity, change and world kinship.

As an agency, business or organization looking for comprehensive, effective training on a wide variety of subjects, or you require custom designed training, the Workshop section contains a wealth of information and options for you.

The Counselling/Coaching section offers services focused on embracing responsibility, garnering wisdom from life's experiences, authenticity and empowerment through utilizing the unique gifts and skills that each person carries within them.

At Healing Works convenience is important so services can be accessed via Skype.

Payments can be made through bank transfer email.