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Healing Works' approach empowers choices that foster the kind of results and emotional well-being you, your group or community desires.

Counselling/Coaching embraces responsibility, garnering wisdom from life's experiences, authenticity, knowledge and empowerment through responsible behaviour, commitment and utilizing the unique gifts and skills that lie within each of you.

This is the moment to confidently take full responsibility for the quality of your adult life.

Respond to life in a manner that reflects your integral and authentic self.

Counselling/Coaching on a full range of topics:

* Abandonment

* Adoption

* Anger Management

* Anxiety

* Assertiveness

* Bereavement

* Boundaries

* Commitment

* Couples

* Cultural/Social Isolation

* Depression

* Emotional, Sexual, Physical Abuse

* Families

* Health Concerns

* Identity Issues

* Inter-generational Conflicts

* Marriage

* Oppression

* Parenting

* Residential School

* Self Esteem

* Stress Management

* Separation

* Work Relationships

**Counselling/Coaching services can take place in person, on the telephone or Skype.**