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How are you with the idea of perfection? Do you measure yourself to others?  Do you sit in judgement?  Are you critical?  Are you hard to please or maybe never satisfied?  If you are you may have issue with acceptance.

It can to difficult to accept all the pain you have endured at the hands of or the deeds of others.  It can be very trying to accept that you are not of 'supermodel quality'.  It can be hard accepting the culture, heritage or spiritual practice you are from.  You may be ashamed of who you.

You may be ashamed of some of your thoughts or past actions.  May you have lost years to obsessions or addictions.  Maybe you are suffering in a poor relationship or spending every waking moment looking for or thinking about getting a relationship.  Do you try to control everything?  Oh, maybe you are the one who refuses relationships?  (you're not good enough, they're not good enough)

The truth we have is now.  Nothing can change the past, we can only accept it and heal from it so we can enjoy the moment.

The future is too unpredictable and too effected by change and time.

Wishing you were someone else, somewhere else or not who you are is an insult of the highest order.  Look around, no two people are the same (exception given to identical twins).  You are not suppose to be like anyone else, you are supposed to YOU!

Honour and respect the sum of your whole life and bring it to the table of life with your head held high.

Happiness is not something to be put off until.  Until you meet your soul mate, or you get a better education, new car, new job, or whatever else you use to stay stuck.

Not everyone is going to like you or find you attractive, just like you don't like everyone or find them all attractive.

Never treat others better than yourself and when dealing with others treat them the way you want to be treated.

Celebrate your birthday.  This is the day the Creator choose for you to come to earth.  Make it a day of good thoughts of yourself - nothing negative.  Make it a day that you do only what you want and with whom you want.  Buy yourself a gift and eat your favourite foods without a serving of guilt.  Tell others you celebrate with, how you want to celebrate.

Always wear your favourite colour, always sing your praises, always be the loudest cheerleader in your corner.  Always compliment yourself and always put yourself first.

Dare to be who you are meant to be regardless what others may say or think.

Don't worship at the alter of others opinions, everybody's got one and the only one you need to worry about is yours.