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This is the day that the Creator choose for you to come to this earth and grace us with your presence.

If you weren't here, it would not feel right.  Something would be missing.  You!

Make your birthdays about 'the celebration of self'.

Do only the things that you truly want to do.

Sleep in or get up early, whatever you want.

Eat only the things you want.  Savour each bite!  Enhale the lushious smell of something loved and appreciated!  Close your eyes often!  Delight in your senses being saturated by the foods you love!  Push all thoughts of guilt and judgement out of your mind.  Enjoy!

Be around others or be alone.  Either way - celebrate.  If you are going to be with others, let them know that it's your birthday.  Maybe throw yourself a party.

On this day, be the one standing in your corner with the poms-poms cheering yourself on.

Sing your praises.  All day long remind yourself just how wonderful you are.

Treat yourself like you would your best friend.

If you have a sweet tooth, maybe some bonbons are in order.  Whatever it is you love, give it freely to yourself today.

Remember the relationship you have with yourself is reflective of all other relationships.  If you seek love and happiness - give it to yourself.  Walk in gratitude and appreciation of yourself.

Chances are if you can't give yourself one day a year of guilt free self indulgence and celebration, you aren't very happy.  Who could be happy with someone who treats them like that?  It all starts with you.

Take the time to write a list of all the things you have accomplished since your last birthday.  Write of anything, big or small that has enhanced the quality of your life.  Do not entertain thoughts of anything that didn't work out or that is still unfinished.  This is the day of celebration of your success!

Happy, happy, happy birthday!